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Teen Program

9th - 12th grade

Chabad Teen Program is a program that offers high school students a chance to spend quality Jewish time with their friends, and to learn about themselves and their heritage.

The program has an array of events:

Get-togethers: relaxed events with supper, a short Torah thought and periodical activity or session

Torah Study: Torah study in groups or one on one

Trips and Outings: quality time to bond with Rabbi Yaakov and Jewish friends, in a positive setting

Chessed: volunteer programs to help the public, food packages, and spreading Mitzvot to others

Shabbatons: Spend a Shabbat in a Jewish setting with exciting activities and much spirit

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or join our WhatsApp group to find out about upcoming events. Reach out to find out more information and to contact this years Teen President.

To learn about the program for 6th - 8th graders, see here


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