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Support Chabad

Supporting the educational activities of
Chabad Rego Youth

Take part in a true transformation. Make a difference in the lives of the next generation. By partnering with ChabadYQ, you are ensuring a Jewish future to hundreds of families in Queens. 

To donate by check, please contact us and we will provide the necessary information.

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Putting Chabad in your will gives you a chance to hold hands across the generations. It doesn’t cost you anything during your lifetime, and can even relieve tax burden. Bequests are revocable and can be changed or modified anytime during your lifetime. We encourage you to consult with your professional advisor and family when you are considering a Planned Gift to ChabadYQ.

This is your chance to leave a Jewish legacy. Together we can ensure a vibrant and dynamic Jewish future.

We will work with you and your financial advisors to develop a personalized gift planning strategy of: retirement plans, bequests, gift of real estate, life insurance and charitable remainder trust.



"I know that I always have someone who’s available to talk and give me guidance in life - which college to apply to, how to set up my daily schedule and just encouragement when I need it.


Avi B., age 16

Smiling Lady

All I can say is, Thank you! Thanks for all you are doing, for your care and for teaching us that Judaism is actually fun and exciting!

Heather F., Mother of 5


Ever since I started to attend the program with Breina I’ve become more proud of being a Jew, even in public school. 

Valerie K., age 12

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